Network connection problems

Use this information to solve network connection problems.

The network connection problems and actions table with one level of row and column headers.

  • Follow the suggested actions in the order in which they are listed in the Action column until the problem is solved.
  • If an action step is preceded by "(Trained technician only)," that step must be performed only by a trained technician.
  • Go to the IBM support website at the IBM support portal to check for technical information, hints, tips, and new device drivers or to submit a request for information.
Symptom Action
Unable to wake the server using the Wake on LAN feature.
  1. If you are using the dual-port network adapter and the server is connected to the network using Ethernet 5 connector, check the system-error log or IMM2 system event log (see Event logs), make sure:
    1. Fan 3 is running in standby mode, if Emulex dual port 10GBase-T embedded adapter is installed.
    2. The room temperature is not too high (see Features and specifications).
    3. The air vents are not blocked.
    4. The air baffle is installed securely.
  2. Reseat the dual-port network adapter.
  3. Turn off the server and disconnect it from the power source; then, wait 10 seconds before restarting the server.
  4. If the problem still remains, replace the dual-port network adapter.
Log in failed by using LDAP account with SSL enabled.
  1. Make sure the license key is valid.
  2. Generate a new license key and log in again.