Replacing an adapter/GPU adapter

The following notes describe the types of adapters that the server supports and other information that you must consider when you install an adapter.

To install an adapter/GPU adapter, complete the following steps:

  1. Read the safety information that begins on Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. Turn off the server and peripheral devices and disconnect the power cords and all external cables.
  3. Remove the server cover (see Removing the compute node cover).
  4. Follow the cabling instructions, if any come with the adapter/GPU adapter. Route the adapter cables before you install the adapter/GPU adapter.
  5. Insert the adapter/GPU adapter into the PCI riser-cage assembly, aligning the edge connector on the adapter/GPU adapter with the connector on the PCI riser-cage assembly. Press the edge of the connector firmly into the PCI riser-cage assembly. Make sure that the adapter/GPU adapter snaps into the PCI riser-cage assembly securely.
    Figure 1. Adapter installation
    Adapter installation
    Figure 2. GPU adapter installation (with front PCI riser assembly)
    GPU adapter installation (with front PCI riser assembly)
    Figure 3. GPU adapter installation (with rear PCI riser assembly)
    GPU adapter installation (with rear PCI riser assembly)
    Attention: When you install an adapter/GPU adapter, make sure that the adapter/GPU adapter is correctly seated in the riser-cage assembly and that the riser-cage assembly is securely seated in the riser-cage connector on the system board before you turn on the server. An incorrectly seated adapter might cause damage to the system board, the riser-cage assembly, or the adapter/GPU adapter.
  6. Install the PCI riser-cage assembly in the server (see Replacing a PCI riser-cage assembly).
  7. Connect the cable to the newly-installed adapter/GPU adapter.
  8. Perform any configuration tasks that are required for the adapter/GPU adapter.
  9. Reinstall the cover (see Installing the compute node cover).
  10. Slide the server into the rack.
  11. Reconnect the power cords and any cables that you removed.
  12. Turn on the peripheral devices and the server.