Structural parts

Structural parts are not covered by the Lenovo Statement of Limited Warranty. You can place an order on the structural parts from the Lenovo retail store.

The following structural parts are available for purchase from the retail store.

Table 1. Structural parts, Type 5465.

Three column structural parts listing table for documenting the index, description, and part number.

Index Description Part number
1 Top cover 00AM442
  ML2 filler bracket 00KA962
  Bezel 00MU752
  nx360 M5 name bezel 00YD799
  Lenovo logo bezel 00MU782
  Serial label plate 00KA970
To order a structural part, complete the following steps:
Note: Changes are made periodically to the Lenovo website. The actual procedure might vary slightly from what is described in this document.
  1. Go to the IBM website.
  2. From the Products menu, select Upgrades, accessories & parts.
  3. Click Obtain maintenance parts; then, follow the instructions to order the part from the retail store.

If you need help with your order, call the toll-free number that is listed on the retail parts page, or contact your local Lenovo representative for assistance.