Installing a storage tray into a compute node

Use this information to install a storage tray in a NeXtScale nx360 M5 compute node.

Before you install the compute node in a chassis, read Safety and Installation guidelines.

To install the storage tray to compute node, complete the following steps:

Hard disk drive fillers must be installed by referring the following table when the hard disk drives are not fully populated.

Table 1. Hard disk drive configuration for storage tray.

Ten column table documenting the configuration for hard disk quantity from 0 to 7.

Legend: HDD=> hard disk drive
Internal storage nodeHDD quantity76543210
Drive bay 2HDDHDDHDDHDDHDDFillerFillerFiller
Drive bay 3HDDHDDHDDHDDFillerFillerFillerFiller
Drive bay 4HDDHDDHDDBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
Drive bay 5HDDHDDBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
Drive bay 6HDDBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlankBlank
If a hard disk drive fails, it is recommended to keep the failed hard disk drive in the storage tray until installing a new hard disk drive or a filler.

  1. Carefully lay the storage tray on a flat, static-protective surface, orienting the storage tray with the release latch near your right hand side.
  2. Orient the storage tray so that the posts on the inside of the storage tray slide into the slots on the compute node.
    Note: Before you install the storage tray, make sure that the air baffles and all components are installed and seated correctly and that you have not left loose tools or parts inside the compute node.
    Figure 1. Storage tray installation
    Graphic illustrating the storage tray installation
  3. Hold the front of the compute node and slide the storage tray forward to the closed position, until it clicks into place.
  4. Connect the configuration cable, the hardware RAID (signal) cable, and the mini-SAS cable to the storage tray.
  5. Install the easy-swap hard disk drive #6 (see Installing a 3.5-inch hard disk drive).
  6. Replace the cover (see Installing the compute node cover).