Instructions for Lenovo Business Partners

Instructions for Lenovo Business Partners on verifying the newly installed devices by running the Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) stress test.

In addition to the instructions in this chapter for installing optional hardware devices, updating firmware and device drivers, and completing the installation, Lenovo Business Partners must also complete the following steps:

  1. After you have confirmed that the server starts correctly and recognizes the newly installed devices and that no error LEDs are lit, run the Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) stress test. For information about using DSA, see Lenovo Dynamic System Analysis.
  2. Shut down and restart the server multiple times to ensure that the server is correctly configured and functions correctly with the newly installed devices.
  3. Save the DSA log as a file and send it to Lenovo. For information about transferring data and logs, see Sending DSA data to Lenovo.
  4. To ship the server, repackage it in the original undamaged packing material and observe Lenovo procedures for shipping.

Support information for Lenovo Business Partners is available at the PartnerWorld website.